VR Gunstock for Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3


The most authentic and adjustable VR gunstock for use with Clay Hunt VR

Our junior sized, super-lightweight stock for the next generation of shooters



Shooting into the future

We know that many of you won’t have even considered VR as a viable training tool for shooting. At MegaVR, we strongly believe that virtual reality will play an important role in the future of shooting. Future champions may well have hit their first clays in VR! Find out more about what virtual reality can do for your game.

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Adjust to match any gun

The Duck Hunter has been carefully designed to enable more adjustments than any of our competitors (and “real” adjustable stocks worth thousands). As well as length of pull and comb height and tilt, you can make advanced adjustments such as butt length, angle, rotation as well as independent comb and butt cast, making it the perfect companion for professional and competitive clay shooters as well as those wishing to play purely for pleasure!

Adjustments can easily be made on the fly with our user friendly thumbwheels or with the allen keys handily stored beneath the stock.

Improve your real game with a VR Gunstock

Having a well fitted gun is essential to ensuring your gun shoots where you are looking – this has been at the heart of our design for the Duck Hunter.  At MegaVR we recognise the huge potential for VR as a sports training tool, allowing virtual athletes to train in the comfort of their own homes in sports which are otherwise purely outdoor activities and limited by the weather!

Let your friends try the Duck Hunter

Have no fear, adjustments are quick and easy to do and you can make note of your main settings with built in measurement marks. The Duck Hunter can also easily be converted from right to left-handed within a couple of minutes.

British Shooting Show 2024

We are so proud to have had such an incredible response on our stand and on the Fieldsports Channel stand.
Here’s some of the video we got on Sunday of people using the Duck Hunter…

People were grinning ear to ear after they’d had their go. 

Find out more about our past and upcoming shows!

Clay Hunt VR

Clay Hunt VR by Shotgun Gaming is the ultimate clay pigeon simulator. Users can enjoy a range of disciplines from trap, skeet, American skeet, sporting clays, forest courses, the experience of a pheasant drive, pigeon shoots or our favourite of course… duck hunting!

With the Duck Hunter now you can really feel like you are shooting.

Quest Pro/3 Compatible

Users can enjoy a single controller setup with the Quest Pro and newly released Quest 3. The Duck Hunter was designed form the beginning for a one controller setup as well as a two controller setup, so it was always the hope that the Quest 3 would allow it… It does! 

Removable weight

The Duck Hunter will feel just like holding your own gun thanks to the fit and the steel weight secreted in the barrel which can be easily removed when arms are tired but minds wish to play on! Without the weight the gunstock weighs approximately 1.7kg/3.7lb. With the weight it is about 2.5kg/5.5lbs. 

Add on Weight Kit

For those with heavier gunstocks who wish to accurately imitate the weight of their gun, more weight can be added with the optional  add-on weight kit. The Duck Hunter can be increased to weigh up to 3.8kg (8.4lbs) using the weight kit. Our weights allow precise 15g (1/2 ounce) increments to get precisely the balance you desire.  

Add on Weight Kit

Even those with the heaviest of guns can replicate the weight of their gun with our new SUPER HEAVY weight kit (up to 4.6kg (10lbs)).

Quest 2 and Mega VR Duck Hunter - two controller seyup.

Quest 2 Compatible

Nothing ruins your suspension of disbelief more than bashing your headset into your gunstock or controller whilst shooting!

Quest 2 users need no longer worry as the Duck Hunter’s adjustability allows the perfect fit with zero interference from your headset and controllers enabling total immersion for the player.

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Try Exclusive Courses

With Clay Hunt VR you get world class facilities and not just that but you get the whole place to yourself to practice for as long as you like! You can also meet up with friends for a shoot, you’ll be surprised by how much it feels like being there with them.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual reality is offering enthusiast, professional and amateur shooters alike the chance to make real world improvements in their game from the comfort of their home. Imagine being able to train safely, for as long as you like… with unlimited ammo!

We all know how frustrating it can be to spend a few hours shooting only to find your aim is off and you missed shots you shouldn’t have. And the problem is that that issue only worsens the less you are able to get out and practice. It can really zap the enjoyment out of your game. With VR that need no longer be the case!

VR has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and so many people are shocked at the realism of the shooting experience. This is being pushed even further with Meta’s latest offering, the Quest 3 which boasts improved processing power, higher resolution and refresh rate improving the visuals for the player. Obviously an important thing when you are trying to spot small clays at a distance! VR offers total immersion in the game…you are in the field without the mud and rain!

When combined with a fully adjustable gunstock, like the Duck Hunter, all your senses are onboard. Now it can LOOK and FEEL, like you are shooting your own gun. The Duck Hunter can be adjusted to match any gun and with an internal weight to mimic the weight and balance of your gun – any training you do in VR transfers to the real world. Accurate shooting is largely about training your muscle memory which is why the Duck Hunter is designed to be able to match your real gun as much as possible.

Being able to put in time to practice at home will lead to improvements in your real game, as well as your enjoyment! Not only that but games like Clay Hunt VR offer you the chance to try different disciplines at the touch of a button. You can go from shooting clays, to skeet, to pigeon or pheasant shoots within minutes! Why limit yourself!

Read more about what our customers love about using the Duck Hunter

The Duck Hunter contains a weight secreted in the barrel which can be easily removed when arms are tired but minds wish to play on!

Without the weight the gunstock weighs approximately 1.7kg/3.7lb.

With the weight it is about 2.5kg/5.5lbs and balances like a longer barrelled shotgun.

More weight can be added to the barrel extrusion if necessary with the add-on weight kit!

With the add-on weight kit you can add up to an extra 1.3kg (2.9lbs) to your Duck Hunter to bring it up to 3.8kg (8.4lbs).

The weight kit includes a front box and a rear box. The front box will allow you to add up to 550g (1.2lbs) to the end of the barrel, and the rear box will allow you to add up to 730g (1.6lbs) to the rear of the stock.

The add-on weight system uses galvanised plate washers, allowing precise 15g (1/2 ounce) increments to get precisely the balance you desire. The rear weight box can also slide back and forth to allow further balance adjustments.

The washers are locked securely in place with the orange wingnuts and each unit has a flexible rubber-like cover to conceal the metal and retain the stylish looks the Duck Hunter is known for.

Yes! The Quest 3 controllers fit into the existing grips. 

In fact, the Duck Hunter is better than ever with the Quest 3 due to the higher resolution and clarity. Clay Hunt VR has never been so good!

Absolutely! The Duck Hunter was designed to solve all the problems Quest 2 users may encounter when trying to use a gunstock in VR. Namely the limited space you have due to the size of the headset and the halo ring on the controllers. The Duck Hunter’s innovative adjustable stock offers the best possible fit no matter where you mount the gun.

No, the Meta Quest headsets are available to purchase separately. 

The prices on this website are for the MegaVR Duck Hunter.

You will need a Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro or Quest 3 in order to use the MegaVR Duck Hunter.

The stock balances on one finger close to where the gun would break in real life. Some customers have suggested the balance feels like that of a longer barrelled gun. If you want to adjust the weight and balance further the optional add-on weight kit will allow you to add up to an extra 1.3kg (2.9lbs) to your Duck Hunter to bring it up to 3.8kg (8.4lbs).  The add-on weight system uses plate washers, allowing precise 15g (1/2 ounce) increments to get precisely the balance you desire. 

1. VR Headset & Controllers (Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 3)

2. VR Gunstock (Mega VR Duck Hunter)

3. VR Game (Clay Hunt VR)

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Meta Quest 3

Released for general sale in October 2023, the Quest 3 offers a number of upgrades over the Quest 2. The headset is slimmer and the controllers use different tracking technology, meaning they no longer need the bulky halo. The result of these upgrades for Clay Hunt VR and Mega VR Duck Hunter users is the ability to shoot using a one controller set-up and zero chance of the headset making contact with the controller no matter how far forward you mount on the stock.

Meta Quest 3 is £479.99 ($499.99 USD).Meta Quest 2

The Quest 2 was a watershed moment for virtual reality. Originally sold as a loss leader, the price has gone up and now come back down as it finds its place as the entry level headset in the Quest range. But don’t let that fool you, the Quest 2 is an excellent headset that has introduced millions of users to the wonders of virtual reality. Clay Hunt VR was originally launched on the Quest 2 and by far most users of Clay Hunt VR are still using this headset. Things to consider include the size of the Quest 2 headset in comparison to the smaller headsets of the Pro and Quest 3. Depending on your shooting technique and how you mount the gun, some users may find that their headset makes contact with the trigger controller.  However, Mega VR have worked hard on the design of our Duck Hunter to ensure Quest 2 users will still be able to fully enjoy their experience by being able to adjust the gunstock to suit your shooting style.

Meta Quest 2 is currently marketed at £299.99 (also $299.99 USD)

Meta Quest Pro

The Quest Pro was Meta’s premium headset and many of the upgrades you see in the Quest 3 were first introduced with the Quest Pro. Again there is a slimmer headset and self-tracking controllers enabling a one controller set-up for your gunstock. The Quest Pro has upgraded lens and processor which gives you a higher resolution and better performance. This headset is a firm favourite amongst sim racers and flight simmers.

Meta Quest Pro is currently marketed at £999.99 ($999.99 USD)

Meta Quest 3 is £479.99 ($499.99 USD).

Meta Quest 2 is £299.99 (also $299.99 USD)

Meta Quest Pro is £999.99 ($999.99 USD)

Clay Hunt VR is available from the App Lab for £14.99. Buy Clay Hunt VR 

There are currently two add-ons for £4.99 each. 

The lower quality gunstocks available for the Quest give a temporary illusion of a useful tool but their drawbacks quickly become apparent. 

The Duck Hunter is designed from the ground up to be incredibly customisable. Any adjustment you do get on the cheaper gunstocks is rudimentary and superficial at best. 

With the Duck Hunter, you actually feel like you are holding a shotgun… And not just any shotgun: if you like you can adjust the fit, weight and balance to match your real gun almost exactly, allowing genuine practice that transfers directly to your real shooting. 

The Duck Hunter is at its heart a simple concept but in order to achieve all our goals, it ended up being more than 40 individual 3D printed components, plus more than 80 pieces of high quality metal hardware. 

3D Printing has come a very long way in a short time. You may have seen poor quality 3D prints in the past that seemed of limited use. Those times are over! 

Our 3D printers are cutting edge technology capable of producing incredibly high quality components that are strong, attractive and feel good to the touch. 

We have a deep appreciation for woodworking and particularly for shotgun stocks but the adjustments available on the Duck Hunter simply would not have been possible without 3D printing. 

We considered wooden components for the Duck Hunter but we quickly came to the conclusion that it would make it impossible to achieve the adjustments we wanted and actually of dubious benefit. 

At the very least, the comb would have been plastic, at which point it doesn’t really matter if the stock is wood because no part of your body would actually be in contact with the wood. 

The forend has another set of challenges. In order to fit the weight in the barrel, the forend side walls have to be too thin for wood to be a viable option. 

3D printing has come on in leaps and bound in the last couple of years. If you have seen poor quality 3D prints in the past, please don’t let that be your vision of the Duck Hunter! 

This is a premium product at an affordable price. We are incredibly proud of the quality of the fit and finish we have achieved, and all of our customers have been very pleasantly surprised to discover this for themselves when they open the box. 

For the record, our lead designer is also an amateur acoustic guitar maker with a stash of beautiful exotic wood for future guitars and it was his decision to use 3D printing for the Duck Hunter rather than wood. 

Absolutely not in our case!

It did used to sometimes though, so you’re forgiven for thinking it. There has been a wide range of quality available in the past. Some printers got excellent results but it was a skill all of its own and someone else with the same machinery could produce a much lower quality print. 

We use the latest and greatest printers available. It is still a skill to fine tune the settings to get the best possible outcome but they are much more robust and high quality machines that reliably produce a product that can compete with any other form of manufacture. 

We are 3D printing evangelists, here. There are things you can do with 3D printing that were unimaginable previously. Our thumbwheels for example, are custom designed by us and 3D printed but because plastic threads would never be capable of withstanding the torque, they feature an encapsulated stainless steel nut. Batches of thumbwheels are printed and at a certain point, the print pauses and the nuts are added… then the printer carries on printing over them, trapping them into a lifelong servitude holding your Duck Hunter together! It means we can design the perfect thumbwheel and still have all the strength of stainless steel. 

Yes, the Duck Hunter has been designed to enable shooters to adjust as much as is necessary to match their own real gun as closely as possible.  

The Duck Hunter is the only product available that will allow this level of adjustment and this is something we are very proud of.

We suggest that customers draw around their real gun and then make adjustments on the Duck Hunter until it matches the outline.

There are ruler scales for the length of pull and comb sliders so you can keep track of small adjustments. It also means you can allow others to adjust for their needs safely in the knowledge that you can quickly return it to your settings.

Yes! And you don’t have to take our word for it, have a look at the reviews and you can see what our customers say

Some of the improvements customers have reported are improved scores in their real shooting as well as a reduction in micro-flinch with recoil and improved eye-shift after practicing with the Duck Hunter.

The ability to practice with unlimited clays and ammunition allows you to really build the muscle memory that will transfer to your real world game. But only if you have the right stock!

CLAY SHOOTING: American & International trap, double trap, skeet and sporting clays with multiple courses.

BIRD HUNTING: Ducks, pigeons and pheasant drives in varying bird hunting challenges!

MULTIPLAYER: Join the Discord channel and participate on competitions or go shooting with friends… You will be surprised by how much it feels like you’re actually shooting together. 

Yes, absolutely. This sim offers as close to real shooting as you can get, from the comfort of your own home!

At present the Duck Hunter does not offer a recoil experience, although this is something we are keen to continue developing in the future. 

Our customers have reported that shooting with the Duck Hunter without the recoil actually allows you to train without that “micro-flinch” reaction we are all so used to. Customers have found this has been beneficial to their real world game.

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Customs/Duty/Tax – International Orders

Please note that international deliveries are considered imports and may therefore be subject to customs, duty or tax charges upon arrival in your country. European customers will be charged 19% VAT. Please check the rules in your country to be sure of what charges you might receive. Your phone number, email and shipping address is required during the checkout process and you will be notified via one of those methods of any import charges. 

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