What do I need to get started shooting in VR?

Meta Quest 2

The Quest 2 was a watershed moment for virtual reality. Originally sold as a loss leader, the price has gone up and now come back down as it finds its place as the entry level headset in the Quest range. But don’t let that fool you, the Quest 2 is an excellent headset that has introduced millions of users to the wonders of virtual reality. Clay Hunt VR was originally launched on the Quest 2 and by far most users of Clay Hunt VR are still using this headset. Things to consider include the size of the Quest 2 headset in comparison to the smaller headsets of the Pro and upcoming 3. Depending on your shooting technique and how you mount the gun, some users may find that their headset makes contact with the trigger controller.  However, Mega VR have worked hard on the design of our Duck Hunter to ensure Quest 2 users will still be able to fully enjoy their experience by being able to adjust the gunstock to suit your every need.

Meta Quest 2 is currently marketed at £299.99 (also $299.99 USD)

Meta Quest 3 

Launched in October 2023, the Quest 3 offers a number of upgrades over the Quest 2. The headset is slimmer and the controllers are self-tracking, meaning they no longer need the bulky halo. The result of these upgrades for Clay Hunt VR and Mega VR Duck Hunter users is the ability to shoot using a one controller set-up and zero chance of the headset making contact with the controller no matter how far forward you mount on the gunstock.

Meta Quest 3 is available at £480 ($499.99 USD).

Meta Quest Pro

The Quest Pro is Meta’s premium headset and many of the upgrades you see in the Quest 3 were first introduced with the Quest Pro. Again there is a slimmer headset and self-tracking controllers enabling a one controller set-up for your gunstock. The Quest Pro has upgraded lens and processor which gives you a higher resolution and better performance. This headset is a firm favourite amongst sim racers and flight simers.

Meta Quest Pro is currently marketed at £999.99 ($999.99 USD)

Mega VR Duck Hunter

The Duck Hunter has been carefully designed to enable more adjustments than any of our competitors (and “real” adjustable stocks worth thousands). As well as length of pull and comb height and tilt, you can make advanced adjustments such as butt length and rotation and independent comb and butt cast, making it the perfect companion for professional and competitive clay shooters as well as those wishing to play purely for pleasure!

Having a well fitted gun is essential to ensuring your gun shoots where you are looking – this has been at the heart of our design for the Duck Hunter.  At MegaVR we recognise the huge potential for VR as a sports training tool, allowing virtual athletes to train in the comfort of their own homes in sports which are otherwise purely outdoor activities and limited by the weather!

Adjustments are quick and easy to do and you can make note of your main settings with built in measurement marks, meaning you can play with friends without worrying you wont be able to readjust to fit you. The Duck Hunter can also easily be converted from right to left-handed within a couple of minutes.

Clay Hunt VR

At Mega VR we absolutely love Clay Hunt VR. Shooters are able to practice a huge variety of shooting sports including:

CLAY SHOOTING: American & International trap, double trap, skeet and sporting clays with multiple courses.

BIRD HUNTING: Ducks, pigeons and pheasant drives in varying bird hunting challenges!

MULTIPLAYER: Shooters are also able to play multiplayer games by joining the Discord channel which holds regular competitions but also allows you to play in private rooms with friends!

This sim enables players to shoot their way, with varying levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional standard.